Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 64 - Weigh-In #9

Today I totally expected to have gained at least a pound.  My in-laws were visiting the last few days, so I made some bigger meals, and we went out a couple times, and wine was a necessary part of the weekend. I lost 3 pounds.  Holy crap!  I am down to 178, which also means I have lost a total of 20 pounds since January 1.  YAY!!!

I am beyond happy.  I have 8 pounds to my total goal weight.  I probably won't make it within the 90 days I had originally hoped, but I don't care about that anymore.  I just can't believe how relatively easy Weightwatchers has made this, and that I have stayed with it this long.  I'm easily distracted by shiny things, and keeping with anything for more than 2 months is a big deal for me. 

So 20 lbs down, 8 to go.  Maybe I will even work out more again.  Well, lets not get too crazy. 

This is Bobby's birthday too, so Happy Birthday to my sweet little baby who is turning exactly 1 in just 2 more hours.  Being told to 'Push Through The Pain' seems like much less than a year ago.  And with birthdays comes cake.  I already ate my way through one cake this weekend. Cupcakes tonite. More cupcakes this weekend.  I sense a lot of soup in my future to balance out all that cake.

Day 57 - Weigh-In #8

No tracking this week, and I lost a pound - down to 181.  I will totally take that, a loss is a loss.  And I CAN make decisions about food that don't involve stuffing my face with garbage without having to be a tracking fool.  Lets see if this can continue.

Day 50 - Weigh-In #7

This week I stayed at 182 and lost nothing.  But ate like a maniac and had a few drinks, so overall, pretty psyched with hitting this wall.  I can't even call it a plateau or anything, because I was just eating lot of wrong things, and only managed to make up for it by being really good at lunch time. Dang snacking at night still gets the best of me.  I cannot be trusted with cheese or chocolate in the house.  But gotta get back in to the swing of things next week.

I also fell off the wagon of tracking my points religiously - like if I didn't track it, I really hadn't eated all that crap.  But since its been a couple of days without tracking, I may try a little experiment and see if I can do it without tracking and make better decisions on my own.  Because I really proved what a responsible adult I am this week.

Day 43 - Weigh In #6

I am catching up on tracking all of this here because we got a new toy that I am rarely able to get my hands on - a Macbook Pro. And I find it annoying to blog on my iPad, not good enough on typing there.

Anyway, I lost another 1.5 lbs at this weigh in, down to 182.  I had something of a mediocre week of eating, but stayed right around my overall point allowance, so this was still good.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 36 - Weigh In #5

This morning, got on the scale and more happiness.  183.5.  That is another 1.5 pounds lost.  And after I ate half a loaf of sourdough bread stuffed with cheese, I'm really ecstatic.  If I hadn't eaten butter, bread, cheese, pepperoni, more butter, chocolate and eggs like they were being discontinued from the planet last night, I may have even done better.  But the Super Bowl feast was fabulous and I still lost weight. 

If I had any portion control, I'd totally make stuff like that more often and just have a little.  But I don't, and if you put a roll in front of me, I will eat it.  If you put a several loaves of bread in front of me, I'll eat it.  All of it.  So, I'm sticking with my weightwatchers recipes for now.  But again, thank goodness that weightwatchers gives me the flexibility to do a little cheating and not be derailed.  I'd go nuts if I couldn't splurge sometimes.

And in the words of my son whenver he finishes doing a puzzle all by himself, "Oh yeah, I did it, oh yeah, I did it."

Day 35 - Super Bowl

Today is the Super Bowl, and I saved and I saved and squandered nearly every point that remained.

Mark and I had an amazing day with the boys (even though Bobby was a little manic from teething, he was generally a happy boy - and James had such a great day).  We settled in to watch the Super Bowl on our own, and I made some fun snacks that are so wrong when you are trying to lose weight.  Bloomin' Pizza Bread (thanks, Dana!) for a appetizer/dinner, and dessert was Roy's Molten Lava cakes, both from The Girl Who Ate Everything.  I totally recommend checking out her blog, even if it may crash and burn your diet.  Its worth the splurge, and some of it is healthy.  But there is so much that is full of fat and goodness that it will derail you quickly.  But it all sounds soooooooooooooooo good.

And the Pizza Bread was as fabulous as I remembered, and the Lava Cakes were divine.  And I spent 55 points on Super Bowl Sunday.  But that still left me 2 points for the week, so I didn't go over my allowance still.  But thinking back (since I'm writing this the day after), I think I missed a couple points here and there, so I probably did actually.  Here's hoping that it didn't kill my week of weight loss.

If you want to check out the blog and fabulous recipes I mentioned above, check out:   Your life will never be the same.  The Lava Cakes are the actual recipe used at Roy's on Hawaii (and now scattered all over the mainland).  I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 29 - Another Weigh In, Another Pound

Weigh-in number 4: 1 more pound lost.  Small loss, but a loss.  I'll take it after a week filled with stress, sadness and chocolate. Not to mention, some other issues including TMI TMI TMI TMI.  TMI.  And then there is TMI.  Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon.

Anyway, I had some good discussions and meetings at work today so in order to celebrate the last few days of work that were good after my bummer news last week, I had a cookie from Potbelly.  I looooooooooooove their Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Goodness.  So I had a 9 point Turkey sandwich and a cookie, a 12 freaking point cookie.  But it was a pretty fabulous 12 points.  Now I just need to not do that every day.  I had a taste of the good stuff, its tempting to fall of the wagon, eat some cookies and then slowly roll away from the wagon, then not be able to get back to the wagon because I'm too fat to chase it.

So I had a dinner of leftover roast pork tenderloin, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans.  Really yummy, but in order to minimize diving into my cheaty points, it was a smaller size dinner.  And now I'm starving.  Not sure what to eat because I'm going to get cranky without food, but it can't have a lot of points.  Hmmmmm.

But, another week, another pound.  I'll take it.  13 pounds lost so far, lucky 13. Oy.